Benefits of PEMF – DS100

Pathogens have invaded and started dividing and multiplying. It is in the telophase stage of cell division.

T-lymphocytes of the body are stronger in their responce and undertake responsibility to attack and destroy the pathogenic cells. They release cyto-toxic granules to kill the pathogens or altered cells.

Our bodies have a vital electrical system in place. We need this system to live healthy lives. When someone goes into cardiac arrest, a defibrillator is used externally to your body to electrically restart the heart.
Similarly, the cells in our body live in an electromagnetic field.
PEMF Therapy works by creating an external electromagnetic field to interact with the internal electromagnetic field of each cell of our body.
This charges the cells in our bodies so that we can heal ourselves from within. Our body has been made in such a fashion that it is capable to heal itself.
A PEMF device provides the body with the energetic foundation it needs for effective self-healing. It is a resonant energy device that raises the energy potential at the cellular level for the whole body.
Theoretically, it charges each cell of the body like a battery. Every cell of your body becomes fully charged to better fight the pathogens and/or other abnormal cells to get rid of disease.
PEMF Therapy revitalizes the body. It is a non-invasive tool that uses multi-wave oscillations (MWO). The PEMF Therapy is a safe way to raise your body’s energy, so that body is given the best condition to correct itself, if it’s able to. The PEMF Therapy has had exceptional results and has helped lot of people with a variety of different health conditions.
PEMF Therapy also works through resonance which is movement and oscillation. All the body’s parts must be moving together in order to be healthy and in balance. PEMFs create a resonant condition in the body to achieve this balance.