Duration of PEMF DS100 therapy

30 – 45 minutes every day if you are healthy and want to prevent the diseases, if your body is able to. After every therapy, must give a break of at least 60 minutes to PEMF DS100 wellness device. Therapy duration should not exceed 60 minutes


PEMF therapy with other medicines, herbs and therapies

PEMF Therapy will help all other medicines and therapies in all the healing processes. It increases the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, herbs and chemicals. Start PEMF therapy one and a half hours after taking meals, herbs or medicines.


Working of PEMF DS-100

The PEMF DS100 works through resonance, movement and oscillation. The PEMF DS100, by creating a resonant condition in the body, creates the potential for harmony in the body and creates best conditions in the body’s ability to improve the immune system which is responsible to fight the diseases.
When a resonant state is induced in the body, it results in more movement, blood circulation increases, toxins are removed. The PEMF DS100 does not heal or treat or cure any disease but through resonance, it stimulates the body to create energy in all the cells of whole body.
PEMF Therapy induces a magnetic field movement in the body and electrical pressure is created to produce the resonant effect which is needed by the body to prevent or reverse any condition, if body is able to.