Pulsed and Static Magnetic Fields

Like the body. the earth also has its own magnetic field. The earth has seperate geographic and magnetic poles, magnetic axis, rotation axis and an inner core. The earth’s magnetic field also effects human magnetic field.

Magnetic fields mainly are of 2 types:

  • Static (no change in the flux density or intensity can be found over the time interval of use or measurement)
  • Pulsed or Time-varying (flux density or intensity changes at one or more frequencies)


Static magnetic field products are of very limited use. Static magnetic fields influence the tissues they come into contact with, but the effect is localized.

Pulsed or Time-varying electromagnetic fields are absolutely not produced by a permanent magnet.

Pulsed or Time-varying electromagnetic fields are significantly more powerful and dynamic than static magnetic fields. They reach more deeply into the cells than static magnetic fields.

Also, pulsed or time-varying electromagnetic fields induce an electrical charge in cells and tissues, creating a positive biological effect on a sub-cellular level.