PEMF – DS100 Device

Group of chlamydial elementary bodies in the human cell (sexually transmitted infection near the nucleus of a cell)

Sepsis. Green rod-shaped bacteria has entered the blood stream.

Cell-mediated immunity amplified with PEMF therapy. T-lymphocytes do not secrete antibodies. This response incorporates activated macrophages, natural killer cells, antigen-specific cyto-toxic T-lymphocytes, thereby killing the infected cells, which is then excreted out of the body

After killing and excreting the infected cell, healthy red blood cells flow properly in blood vessel by PEMF therapy

PEMF Therapy – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

PEMF  therapy concentrates upon impaired chemistry and impaired cellular function. Improvement in one’s health is achieved by correcting these issues. It provides beneficial, health-enhancing electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to all the cells of the whole body. Essentially, it acts as a battery charger for our cells.

Through the process of induction, EMF’s pass through the body. PEMF Therapy allows EMF’s to penetrate every cell, organ, tissue and bone. It stimulates the biological, electrical and chemical processes in the cells and tissues while passing through the body. This helps to achieve optimum functional ability.

PEMF therapeutic uses are specifically designed to positively support cellular energy, resulting in much better cellular health and cellular function.

The PEMF DS-100 is specifically designed with randomized pulses. The human body can adapt to external conditions over time. Most PEMF devices contain one static pulse. Over time the body adapts to this and the therapy becomes less effective. This is not a problem when using the DS-100. Because of the randomized pulses, the body is unable to adapt. Thus, rendering the therapy more effective over a sustained period of time.

Many of the other PEMF devices on the market use stationary or static, non-varying magnetic fields which have fixed strengths. They are commonly used in bracelets, knee wraps, mattresses, small devices, etc. The vast majority of these devices have very low penetration. They result in very low ability to affect deeper tissues or cells in your body. They rarely affect all the cells at the same time.

For meaningful results that last, a PEMF therapeutic device that provides full body penetration is needed. Our PEMF wellness device is designed to ensure every cell of the body is being penetrated to achieve full harmonious effect of the therapy.