Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells)

Lymphocytes are white blood cells in the human immune system consisting of B cells, T cells and Natural Killer cells which form antibodies for immunity. They fight viruses, tumours, cancers and other pathogens after becoming more adept with PEMF therapy.

NK cells distinguish infected cells and tumors from normal and uninfected cells by recognizing changes of a surface molecule called MHC (Major Histo-compatibility Complex)

NK cells are activated in response to a family of cytokines called interferons.

NK cells play a major role in defending ourselves from both tumors and virally infected cells.

Activated NK cells release cytotoxic granules which destroy the altered cells.

They were named “natural killer cells” because of the notion that they do not require prior activation in order to kill cells, which do not contain MHC (Major Histo-compatibility Complex).

Therapy with the PEMFs will help to improve the functioning ability of all these cells.