MWO And PEMF Therapy

Hepatitis B virus has come into the blood vessel.

After MWO and PEMF therapy, the virus has been eliminated and healthy erythrocytes (red blood cells) flow in the artery.

Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO)

PEMF Therapy is also using Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO) technology to give your body the best results possible.

MWO technology is the result of outstanding work by distinguished scientists, inventors and researchers across the globe during the 1850’s to 1930’s. There are many names, but the following 3 are credited as the main pillars of the inventions:

1) Russian scientist, engineer, inventor and author Dr. Georges Lakhovsky

2) Serbian-American physicist, inventor and electrical engineer, Nikola Tesla

3) North American scientist Dr. Royal Raymond Rife

Dr Georges Lakhovsky is considered to be the inventor of the Multiwave Oscillator or MWO.

Dr. Lakhovsky used technology originally invented by Nikola Tesla in 1898 (the Tesla Coil, a high-voltage, high-energy electromagnetic coil) and paired it with the MultiWave Oscillator (MWO).

In 1925, Dr. Lakhovsky began using Argon gas in copper tubes for the antennae of his MultiWave Oscillator.

Dr Georges Lakhovsky’s work is paramount in the research and evolution of electrotherapy and energy medicine. He concluded that living cells emit and receive electromagnetic oscillations at their own high resonant frequencies.

He also described how living cells could be corrupted by pathogens, thereby causing interference with the normal oscillations of cells.

When the normal oscillations of cells are corrupted, their vibrations become very weak. Under the influence of MWO technology, the cells regain their own naturally occurring frequency through the phenomenon of resonance.

Dr. Lakhovsky’s research demonstrated that the remedy to human ailments was not to kill microbes or pathogens in contact with human cells, but rather to strengthen the natural oscillation of the cell.

Healthy cells will then rid the body of disease automatically.

Shortly after this discovery he was widely known to even treat cancer by using MWO.

MWO works through the concept of resonance. Human cells are in a constant state of vibration. In a healthy body, the cells of all the different organ systems vibrate in a balanced and synchronized manner.

When there is a problem in one of the body’s organs, the vibratory rate of the cells is no longer synchronized.

MWO is able to send properly configured radio waves that vibrate at the same frequency as the cells in our bodies. Through this mechanism, the body’s cells once again begin to vibrate harmoniously.

By using MWO technology, PEMF  Therapy:

  • Reduces recovery time needed to overcome infections and illness
  • Increases blood circulation, delivering more oxygen to tissues, which enables your body to remove toxins more efficiently.
  • Helps to recover from illness
  • Replenishes the body after energy expenditure
  • Boosts proper and efficient chemical operation within the cells, which increases the body’s cellular ability to absorb chemicals (i.e. medications).
  • Speeds recovery time after surgery or injury.