Depression and other psychiatric conditions

More than 300 million people in the world are living with depression or another psychiatric condition.

There is strong evidence that PEMF therapy helps improve mental conditions.

Depression and other psychiatric conditions

Depression for a lot of people is a long dark tunnel with no light at the end of it. One of the leading causes of disability worldwide, it’s no wonder we hear about it all the time. The underlying mechanism has never truly been understood, although many people have made speculations. And even with all the advances in psychiatric medicine, so many people are prescribed drugs with side effects and the drugs don’t really work long term for the patients. Life is about happiness and depression is the exact opposite.

Depression and PEMF

A double-blind study was completed in 2013 at Mclean hospital in the USA on the effects of low-field magnetic stimulation on both depression and bipolar disorder. After testing on healthy volunteers as well as volunteers with mental illness, the study was concluded this type of therapy can show rapid improvement in patients with both depression and bipolar disorder. No ill-effects were noted.


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