Benefits of PEMF specifically in Muscles

Muscles are made strong by PEMF therapy.

Many times in life muscles are torn, damaged and not allowed to rest.

Waste products accumulate in the muscle tissue and that can lead to less oxygen and nutrition in the cells of muscles.

The result can be lasting damage, decreased vitality and reduced performance.

By activating the metabolism and blood circulation, more nutrients and oxygen are available to muscle cells.

The body experiences less damage and shorter recovery time.

PEMF Therapy fully penetrates the body, down to the cellular level. People can increase performance without drugs and other medications.
If you are pushing your body to your physical limits, PEMF therapy repairs the body.

It provides the energy, which cells need to raise their levels to those needed for self-healing and reinvigoration.

Research has shown dramatic reduction in pain and inflammation in treatment for muscle injuries by increasing oxygenation to the blood, which leads to improved circulation and cell metabolism.

When using a PEMF device, swelling is reduced. Because of the added energy stimulation, the body can repair damaged tissue and speed up the process of healing.


PEMF devices help:

  • Increase energy for cell regeneration
  • Increase physical stamina and strength
  • Shorten recovery time from injury or surgery
  • Reduce or eliminate chronic pain and soreness
  • Improve concentration

When the overall energy level improves, health is stabilized and fitness increases.

PEMF Therapy can’t take the place of a balanced life style. Nothing will ever replace the benefits you receive from regular exercise and good nutrition.